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Artisan Fidelity flagship - Technics SP10 Mark 3 NGS

edited October 2016
I ordered this turntable in Nov last year. It took almost one year.  I shall install Vetere reference arm on this one and be my reference turntable with a complete Trinity suite. 


  • Micro suede finish to perfection.

  • Will land HK in 2 weeks
  • That looks stunning!  What does NGS stand for?  I notice that you tend to pick turntable against the trend of mega size type. And I buy this approach. The artisan fidelity website has tremendous technical mastery explaining behind the restoration of this masterpiece. A Vetere reference arm on it will be ideal.  What cartridge are you going to use?
  • That is quite a turntable! NGS stands for next generation signature. There is always fans for direct drive turntable. This one is a legend. A modern interpretation of a legend creates new perspective always.  The matching with Vetere reference arm is something to look forward to.
  • It weights 232 pounds.

    Physical mass in conjunction with constrained layer damping remains a key element to the NGS's inherent non-suspended design infrastructure and provides adequate damping plus vibration control in addition to aiding against room related acoustic feedback and any residual intermodulation distortion.  The proprietary "Quiet Core" active bearing isolation portion alone weights over 100lbs.  The resulting playback signature results in the most inky pitch black, quiet and transparent analog front end you are likely to have every heard.
  • A couple more NGS direct drive model photographs showcasing the 105kgs. ~ 232lb masterpiece....

  • This one is gorgeous too!  I wonder why PT has not set it up yet. 
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